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Our digital world has undoubtedly changed the business landscape. From startup owners to freelancers, licensed professional counselors to lawyers, more professionals than ever are now working from home. While there are plenty of benefits that come with working from home, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are also some potential issues that can pop up if you aren’t careful.

The first step to building credibility and professionalism when you work from home is to have a legitimate business address. Right now, there’s a good chance that you’re just using your home address to communicate with clients, vendors, and other parties. Unfortunately, a home address as your business address doesn’t necessarily scream professionalism.

If you’ve been using your home address for your business, then consider the following.

Using Your Home Address for Your Business Opens The Door To:

1. Credibility Concerns

One of the major reasons NOT to use your home address is because image matters. A home address doesn’t provide the level of professionalism that you need to make your business seem credible. For instance, potential clients can look up your business on Google Maps and find that you’re actually working out of your house. While you may be delivering exceptional services, failure to project a professional image can hurt your bottom line.
Another issue is that banks and merchant services usually do not accept business addresses for your LLC or corporation because of the certain requirements that you must meet to open a business account, of which having a professional address is one of them.

2. Safety Concerns

Your home should be a place where you and your family feel safe. If you use your home address for business, it becomes public information. Clients (and even competitors) can come to your home, and while you may trust them when in a business setting, your privacy and safety could be put at risk. To better protect yourself and your loved ones, it’s in your best interest to have a separate business address to maintain your privacy.
Thankfully, our office solutions available at Cobalt Executive Suites are an excellent option for those wanting to up the ante on their professionalism with an official business address while keeping their personal life personal.

3. Financial Liability Issues

Small business owners should do their best to separate personal obligations from business debts and other related financial responsibilities. If you fail to adequately separate these two components of your life, you could find yourself potentially liable for your business’ financial debts.
One way to keep your business and personal life from mixing is to ensure you have a professional business address. Additionally, because the contact information you filed with your LLC or Corporation is publicly available online, there also lies the potential for scammers to begin harassing you at your home, which can lead to other financial issues if you aren’t wary.

4. You Need a Meeting Place

Meetings are critical in the business world. At the moment, most meetings are virtual but, at some point, we will return to a new normal with in person meetings. Either way, at some point, coffee shops or the kitchen table don’t cut it. A quiet, professional, kid-free location enables you to focus better and with a professional image.
Cobalt Executive Suites has a full tech equipped conference room that can be reserved for in person or zoom meetings by office suite.

Getting Your Business Address

Cobalt Digital Marketing, the force behind Cobalt Executive Suites, knows all about the digital workplace. We’ve had a remote team since our founding in 2016. We know exactly the setup remote workers need to escape to for productivity and meetings. 

Strategically located and with all the amenities you need to run a successful business, our quiet, clean, and affordable office rentals will undoubtedly meet your needs.