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Not only are McAllen and Edinburg two of the fastest-growing cities in the Rio Grande Valley, this particular place is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the state of Texas. Offering outstanding business opportunities, an exceptional cost of living, and an international population, these neighboring communities are ideal for business owners, lawyers, counselors, and all other professionals looking for an emerging market to enter. 

If you are looking to expand your business, then it’s time to look into the opportunities that the cities of McAllen and Edinburg can offer you.

Your Law Firm is Home Here

  • Because the Rio Grande Valley is a hub for international economic activity, large trucks come and go through the area and on to their destinations. With this added traffic, the likelihood of accidents are increased. In fact, truck accidents have increased in the McAllen and Edinburg area, where 2019 saw around 1,578 truck accidents. This means that the need for personal injury lawyers looking to help victims is growing in demand.And while our communities have been regarded as one of the safest places to live in Texas, the unfortunate truth is, just like any other metropolitan area, the need for legal representation in a criminal case is also a necessity.

    North McAllen offers law firms access to well-respected businesses and medical offices, giving your reputation an immediate boost in the many high traffic areas, which means that you will be able to grow your brand organically because of its population concentration. It also comes with the benefit that clients will be able to find you more easily, and the cities of McAllen and Edinburg are in close proximity to the new Hidalgo County Courthouse, offering your lawyers ease of access to a major locale.

The ideal location for Licensed Professional Counselors

  • According to a 2018 report by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, an average of one in three children and one in five adults in the Rio Grande Valley will have mental health needs within a 12-month period, a total of 120,000 and 220,000 respectively. Of these totals, around 75% from both age groups will suffer from mild to moderate symptoms like anxiety or routine depression, while many others will suffer from more severe needs like bipolar disorder, complex depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.Whether it’s individuals dealing with psychological trauma caused by a car accident, or someone needing emotional support following a life changing health issue, you’ll be able to provide meaningful care to those who need it most in an area of town where they can easily find your office.

    One of the greatest features of the McAllen and Edinburg corridor is Doctors Hospital at Renaissance and the surrounding medical offices, businesses, and law firms. The close proximity to this high traffic area is ideal for counselors because of the potential to easily find and help clients.


North McAllen: The Place for Respectable Businesses

North McAllen is a hotbed for long-held and emerging businesses. Its close proximity to the growing city of Edinburg means your business will benefit from being close to one of the fastest growing cities in South Texas. The region offers an ample population, bicultural environment, and young demographics, all which will help your business thrive in what is undoubtedly one of the best locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Additionally, the region offers numerous ports, international bridges, and crossings, which allow companies to expand into international markets. Because of the region’s location, there is also a healthy supply of bilingual workers and skilled-laborers who are more than capable of meeting your business’ needs.

The McAllen-Edinburg metro area is also home to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and South Texas College, which graduate educated, skilled, and fully qualified professionals who are suited for a wide range of industries and roles. 

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is a cause of concern for business owners and clientele alike. In order to support your business goals, we follow all CDC guidelines and frequently sanitize all common areas of the building to protect you and your visitors.

Contact us today to learn more about our individual offices, which range from 75-175 sq. ft. with monthly rent ranging from a low $280 up to $600.

Why Cobalt Executive Suites


  • Cobalt Executive Suites is excited to offer exceptional office rentals at an ideal location in the growing McAllen metropolitan area. Our suites are located along the region’s premier business, medical, and legal corridor, just one block south of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance (DHR) and not far from the Hidalgo County Courthouse. There, you’ll have quick access to both the city of McAllen and Edinburg, as well as be just a few minutes away from N. U.S. Highway 281. 
    This perfect office site just can’t be beaten.


Whether you’re a lawyer, licensed professional counselor, or just starting to get your business off the ground, make Cobalt Executive Suites in McAllen your new home.

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