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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented overabundance of issues that reach beyond the disease itself. Individuals, businesses, and organizations have found themselves greatly affected by a weakened global economy and, as a result, litigation across the contractual, employment, insurance, and healthcare industries have greatly increased. 

Law firms are now dedicating more resources and planting additional “boots on the ground” to ensure that they can meet the needs of high case volume regions and metropolitan areas. A local presence can prove to be pivotal to the ongoing success of any law firm, and the use of a satellite office can be instrumental in developing this.

Areas of Law Most Affected by COVID-19

Alongside medical, economic, social, and public policy concerns, there is a range of short-term and long-term legal issues that are anticipated to arise, especially as Texas reopens to full capacity. These areas of litigation are likely to grow the longer the coronavirus continues to affect American lives. 

According to the Congressional Research Service, ongoing legal issues that will continue to emerge include: 

  • Health care, health coverage, and medical countermeasures
  • Quarantine, travel restrictions, and social distancing
  • Constitutional issues
  • Economic and employment issues
  • Bankruptcy
  • Education issues
  • Tax and regulatory issues
  • Product liability
  • White-collar issues
  • Securities law
  • Intellectual property
  • Legal liability issues
  • Public rights and services
  • Critical goods, procurement, and government contracts
  • Criminal matters

The Benefits of a Satellite Office

With the expected growth of litigation affecting every corner of the country, now may be the right time to consider opening up a satellite office–especially in a high-population region like Hidalgo County.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that organizations should be focused on utilizing digital tools and remote systems to streamline practice procedures that benefit clients. Cloud-based technology tools are now more essential than ever and allow you to access client files, share firm data, and communicate with other members of your team, all from anywhere. For law firms who have yet to make the jump, opening a satellite office may coincide with moving towards a digital office. 

One of the key reasons to open a satellite office is that it allows you to grow your practice without necessarily having to reinvent your procedures. If you already have a solid system and team in place, the mechanism for running your law firm is simply transferred over to the new location. No need to reinvent the wheel.  

Additionally, the prospect of securing talent in the new region or city means the opportunity to grow your team and their skillset. This also entails growing your influence in the given region or metro area. Not only will team members in your satellite office likely have ties to the area, but they’ll be able to act–in certain respects–as marketers and promoters for your law firm.

A satellite office also provides the opportunity for lawyers to expand their professional network, which can ultimately lend itself to referral partnerships.   

For law firms in need of additional office space, a satellite location can help to address this issue without the hefty financial burden that comes with leasing (or purchasing) an entire building or office. At Cobalt Executive Suites, our offices are sufficient for a small team and offer the necessities and advantages of a modern office, including conference rooms and high-speed internet, all without the excessive costs that come with a traditional office space. 

Perhaps most importantly, a new office can prove to be pivotal in increasing your clientele–and thus your bottom line. 

It should be noted that if your law firm is looking to begin operating a satellite office, you should ensure that the office is lawfully established and does not violate any requirements established by governing bodies. On-site staff should be properly trained to handle privileged and confidential communication with clients. 

For Satellite Offices in McAllen, TX, Cobalt Executive Suites 

Whether you are trying to provide more convenient services for your existing clients, want to grow your brand and area of influence, or have a desire to expand your law firm, there are many benefits to opening a satellite office in Hidalgo County. 

By using the high-quality and strategically located satellite offices of Cobalt Executive Suites, you’ll have a heads up on your competition and can begin testing your viability in a growing legal market. 

Don’t wait. Grow your local presence in the Rio Grande Valley with a satellite office.