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South Texas —and more specifically the McAllen metropolitan area— is a regional hotbed ideal for new businesses and organizations looking to expand their reach. One such industry showing tremendous potential in this metro area is the legal field.

With Cobalt Executive Suites, you can establish your law firm and begin building your reputation. As the McAllen metropolitan population nears 1 million and the four-county Rio Grande Valley population inches closer to 1.4 million, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow your client base.

Be In Close Proximity to THE Regional Courthouse

Cobalt Executive Suites office solutions are ideally located for law firms. Securing a satellite office in the well-established and reputable North McAllen area is one of the best decisions that you can make. But perhaps even more importantly, you’ll be in close proximity to the new Hidalgo County Courthouse, located in the heart of the city of Edinburg, a very short distance away.

This newly developed, seven-story courthouse in Edinburg, Texas is set to become a crucial county gathering place designed to accommodate:

    • 24 district and county courtrooms
    • 1 Court of Appeals
    • District and county clerks
    • Jury services, public defender, and indigent defense
    • Hidalgo County Bar Association
    • Detention space
    • Shell space for additional future courts

Put your law firm in one of the best positions possible by securing a professional, private, and cost-effective Cobalt Executive Suite now.

Trends That Will Shape Legal Practices in 2021 and Beyond

1.An Aging Population

Baby boomers are still a dominant demographic. As they continue to age and retire in larger numbers, this impact will be felt across the country and throughout all industries – including the legal field.

More baby boomers can expect to see an increased demand in areas of law such as retirement planning and estate planning. Additionally, as older generations seek out more medical care and assisting living services, there is likely to be an increase in demand for lawyers who have experience handling claims in these arenas.

2.A Globalized Market

All industries are rapidly changing as a result of globalization, and the legal field is one such area affected by changing influences in the market. International lawyers who can handle disputes involving international business, trade, or even criminal issues will become even more vital in the years to come.

As an international hotspot, the McAllen metro—and its surrounding communities in the Rio Grande Valley—has deep ties with foreign businesses and entities, especially with Mexico, Canada, and numerous South American countries. As the region continues to grow, undoubtedly, the need for experienced and dependable law firms who can handle international claims is certainly bound to increase.

3.Reaching the Client Where They Are At

Some of the nation’s biggest law firms are looking to further their reach by meeting their clients where they are at. With the advent of the internet, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, clients are quickly realizing that they don’t necessarily need to meet face-to-face with their lawyer.

Unfortunately, big law firms also have a reputation for being excessively expensive for the everyday client. To combat this image, law firms are placing themselves into new markets via satellite offices and by contracting lawyers from the region, both of which allow the firms to be flexible and responsive, and also fiscally successful.

Without the need to fully invest in an office and associated costs, a law firm can enter a new region and be competitive.


Data is becoming a critical tool for all business owners, including lawyers who own their firms.

Data can help pinpoint the specific needs of your clients – especially micro-niches. By capitalizing on data analysis trends, your law firm can better understand the specific goals and needs of your client, which will add great value to your reputation.

Targeting allows you to focus on a much smaller segment, benefiting your marketing efforts and skills along the way.

Build Your Law Firm in the Rio Grande Valley

Strategically located and with all the amenities you need to run a successful law firm, plus local search engine optimization provided by Cobalt Digital, our professional office rentals will undoubtedly meet your needs.