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Choosing the right location for your business’s office can be a challenge. You have to consider many factors, including those that might not seem relevant until much later down the road. Even when you find an affordable office space, the location might still be a headache for clients to reach. 

That’s why you need to carefully think about ALL your business needs as well as your clients’. A delivery-focused business will need a convenient location with quick access to major thoroughfares while a law firm, for instance, may prioritize privacy and security to protect sensitive information. 

If you want to choose the best location for your business office, then consider the following. 

Surrounding Businesses Matter

The other types of businesses near your potential office location will matter. As an example, if you work in marketing or consulting, being located near competitors can hurt you in the long run. 

However, even similar businesses can benefit from close proximity if they offer complimentary services; an ice cream shop near restaurants is likely to benefit from being close to them.   

Another factor to consider is your employees. Nearby restaurants and shopping are great for employees since they can get food or run quick errands during their lunch breaks. Hidden benefits like this factor into how successful your company is; employees with access to amenities are likely to perform better and thus enhance the customer’s experience. 


If you have clients visiting often, you will want a location that will be easy for them to reach. If your target market is separated across two cities, picking an office rental space in the middle of these communities will make it convenient for your customers. Consider the demographics you are trying to reach and locate your office space close to where your customers are.

Your employees will also need access to the building so they can quickly get to work. Parking spaces and nearby transit options will help them get to work efficiently, saving your company money in the long run. 

The Building Itself

When you choose your business location, the building itself matters. The first consideration is space and how the office is laid out. A big conference room may work if you have to accommodate larger groups, but multiple smaller spaces may be just as efficient if you only hold one-on-one meetings. 

You’ll also need room for your employees. If you want a space for remote work or have many freelancers coming and going, a flexible space may be better for your company. You should also consider security and how individuals can gain access to your office. Some locations may only have certain hours in which the office space can be accessed, while others may offer the freedom for you to set your schedule as needed. 

The building should also have as much of the office equipment as you will need readily available. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase the equipment yourself, and may need to move it in and out of the office yourself, which can be quite a challenge. 

By renting an office space that already has the equipment you need, you’ll maximize your business’s success and avoid unexpected costs or delays.

Rent a Business Office in McAllen, Texas

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